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This guide provides information about using the Typography component and customizing your GraphCommerce storefront's typography. If your looking to learn about the <Trans> macro, head over to translations.

Using the typography component

The <Typography> component is used to render text on pages and in components:

<Typography variant='h1' component='h4'>
  <Trans>This is the homepage</Trans>

Will output:

<h4 class='MuiTypography-root MuiTypography-h1'>This is the homepage</h4>

It's important to realize that the style of a typography component is independent from the semantic underlying element. In the example above, the variant prop is used to render a <h4> semantic element with h1 styling.

Changing font styles and font sizes

Font styles are part of the global styles in /components/index.ts. Changes to font-size and few other properties can be made here:

  h1: {
    ...fontSize(28, 64),
    fontWeight: 700,
    fontVariationSettings: "'wght' 660",
    lineHeight: 1.22,
  h2: {
    ...fontSize(25, 40),
    fontWeight: 700,
    fontVariationSettings: "'wght' 630",
    lineHeight: 1.35,
  h3: {
    ...fontSize(22, 30),
    fontWeight: 700,
    fontVariationSettings: "'wght' 680",
    lineHeight: 1.55,

In most other cases, styling within the context of a page or component is the better solution. The sx prop is used to overwrite the styling of a Typography component:

    h3: (theme) => ({
      color: theme.palette.primary.main,

Responsive font sizes

The fontSize 'property' accepts an object with a font size for each breakpoint:

fontSize: {
  lg: 50,
  md: 40,
  sm: 25,
  xs: 15

The GraphCommerce helper function breakpointVal does the same, but simplifies the syntax by calculating the intermediate values (fontSize is a simplification of breakpointVal):

// Example from /components/theme.ts

h1: {
  ...fontSize(28, 64),
  fontWeight: 700,
  fontVariationSettings: "'wght' 660",
  lineHeight: 1.22,

To use breakpointVal in a component:

  ...breakpointVal('fontSize', 36, 82, theme.breakpoints.values),

Adding a custom font

  • In /pages/_document.tsx, add your Google font <link> element as a child of the <Head> component:
  <link rel='preconnect' href='https://fonts.googleapis.com' />
  <link rel='preconnect' href='https://fonts.gstatic.com' crossOrigin='' />
  • In /components/theme.ts, add the font to the global fontFamily, or to specific font class like h1:
typography: {
    'Open Sans,-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,Segoe UI,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,Apple Color Emoji,Segoe UI Emoji',
  // @see docs typography.md
  h1: {
    fontFamily: 'Open Sans',

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