Developer preview
This is a developer preview of GraphCommerce. The documentation will be updated as GraphCommerce introduces new features and refines existing functionality.

Deploy a Graphcommerce app with Vercel

Congratulations, you are ready to deploy your GraphCommerce storefront to production. The fastest way to deploy your GraphCommerce app is with Vercel ↗.

Vercel allows for automatic deployments on every branch push and merges onto the Production Branch of your GitHub project:

  • Login to Vercel, click the "New Project" button
  • Import your Git Repository. Use the search to type your project's name. If it's not showing up, click the 'Configure Github App' to grant Vercel repository access

Configure Github App

  • Set the Environment Variables from your .env file:

  • Vercel will auto assign a domain to your project. In this example, the Github project repository name is graphcommerce-example, so the domain will be https://graphcommerce-example.vercel.app. Add this domain as the GraphQL and Public site URL Environment Variables:


Add Environment Variables

  • Hit the "Deploy" button
  • A custom domain can be configured in the Vercel Project Settings. Update the NEXT_PUBLIC_GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT and NEXT_PUBLIC_SITE_URL variables afterwards.

Next steps