Last update: October 10, 2022


The following overview contains the status of items on the GraphCommerce roadmap (items are subject to change):

In progress

  • Redesigned layered navigation for mobile and desktop
  • GA4 datalayer implementation
  • Paypal Express payment service (Multisafepay, Braintree, Mollie already implemented)
  • Adyen payment service

Just released

  • Crosssells overlay after adding a product to cart
  • Bundle product example ↗
  • Configurable product image swatches example ↗
  • Virtual product, downloadable products
  • Multilingual Hygraph (Hygraph) setup support
  • Multisafepay payment service
  • Multilingual product sitemap generation
  • Multi level Navigation (Mega Menu)
  • Pick up in store checkout integration
  • Checkout shipping method selection rebuild
  • Checkout payment selection rebuild
  • Core stability (hydratation, caching, query optimization)


  • Store locator
  • Adyen payment service
  • Buckaroo payment service
  • Fetch Magento image sizes (probe-image-size)
  • Postcode check integration
  • Windows support


  • magento example without Hygraph
  • PageBuilder support

Next steps