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The following overview contains the status of items on the GraphCommerce roadmap.

In progress / planned

Upcoming in the next release

  • Google Datalayer improvements to better handling gtag.js or GTM
  • Product page gallery improvements: Grid of images, animated thumbnails, Video support + disable zoom feature.
  • Web Vitals: Reduce Total Blocking Time, to improve INP metic.
  • Web Vitals: Defer rendering of elements further on the page, to improve INP metic.
  • Magento Open Source GraphQL API Coverage with detailed GraphQL analysis per version.
  • Create a generic CMS integration framework, removing the hard Hygraph requirement
  • Web Migration to next/image in favor of @graphcommerce/image
  • Improved category navigation: Navigate to sibling categories + Category tree navigation in sidebar.
  • i18n configuration separation from URL structure.
  • Improved cache invalidation logic for category and product pages by using the Varnish PURGE functionality of Magento.
  • Customer specific pricing support for category and product pages.
  • Support for very large carts with 100+ items.
  • Plugin system redesign so typescript correctly identifies plugins and can type check all the integrations.

Considering / researching

  • Adobe Sensei integration
  • Gallery support on category/search pages.
  • Authorize.net payment service integration
  • Web Vitals: Use CSS theme variables or wait for MUI v6 release with static extraction.
  • React Server Components integration with streaming for faster loads.
  • Windows support
  • Store locator
  • PageBuilder support depends on ↗
  • Abstractions for integration with multiple catalog/search API's like Algolia, Magento Live Search and various layered navigation modules.


See all releases

  • Product page gallery improvements: Thumbnails
  • Major improvements to Accessibility issue ↗
  • Show Crosssells in the cart
  • Support for Github Codespaces
  • Faster loading performance for the category page
  • Recently viewed products
  • Global store messages
  • Invalid session handling improvements
  • Product thumbnails on product page
  • Wishlist redesign
  • Success page redesign
  • Dutch Postcode API upgrades
  • Configurable variants for simple products ocs ↗
  • Cart redesign
  • Hygraph schema migrations docs ↗
  • Google Tagmanager 4 datalayer implementation docs ↗
  • Paypal Express payment service docs ↗
  • Adyen payment service docs ↗
  • Postcode check integration docs ↗
  • Redesigned layered navigation for mobile and desktop
  • Crosssells overlay after adding a product to cart
  • Bundle product example ↗
  • Configurable product image swatches example ↗
  • Virtual product, downloadable products
  • Multilingual Hygraph (Hygraph) setup support
  • Multisafepay payment service
  • Multilingual product sitemap generation
  • Multi level Navigation (Mega Menu)
  • Pick up in store checkout integration
  • Checkout shipping method selection rebuild
  • Checkout payment selection rebuild
  • Core stability (hydratation, caching, query optimization)

Next steps