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Patch package

GraphCommerce relies on patch-package ↗ to make modifications to GraphCommerce where there are no ways to modify through props or plugins.

yarn create-patch @graphcommerce/magento-store

Benefits of patching over copying a file to local

  • Get told in big red letters when the original file is changed and you need to check that your fix is still valid.
  • Patches can be reviewed as part of your normal review process, local changes will slip though the cracks.

When to make a local copy of a file

  • The change is too consequential to be modified in place.

Isn't this dangerous?

Nope. The technique is quite robust. Here are some things to keep in mind though:

  • It's easy to forget to run yarn or npm when switching between branches that do and don't have patch files.
  • Long lived patches can be costly to maintain if they affect an area of code that is updated regularly and you want to update the package regularly too.
  • Big semantic changes can be hard to review. Keep them small and obvious or add plenty of comments.
  • Changes can also impact the behaviour of other untouched packages. It's normally obvious when this will happen, and often desired, but be careful nonetheless.

How to make a patch

  1. Make your changes to the file in node_modules.
  2. Run yarn create-patch @graphcommerce/magento-store to create a patch file.

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