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Plugins GraphQL

GraphCommerce's GraphQL plugin system allows you to extend GraphCommerce in a plug-and-play manner. Install a new package and the queries will be extended at the right places.

What problem are we solving?

Without plugins it becomes complex to extend GraphQL queries and you'd probably need to overfetch in lots of places by doing additional queries.

For example, to render additional attributes on the product listing, it was necessary to modify a GraphQL query and know all the points the query is used.

The query below is inside the @graphcomemrce/magento-product package and therefor it is not possible to modify:

query ProductList(
  $pageSize: Int = 24
  $currentPage: Int = 1
  $filters: ProductAttributeFilterInput = {}
  $sort: ProductAttributeSortInput = {}
  $search: String = ""
) {
    pageSize: $pageSize
    currentPage: $currentPage
    filter: $filters
    sort: $sort
    search: $search
  ) {
    # Simplified from the original query
    items {

# Fragment used for a ProductListItem used when rendering any listing
fragment ProductListItem on ProductInterface @injectable {
  small_image {
  price_range {
    minimum_price {

How to modify an existing query?

Some Fragments inside GraphCommerce have been marked as @injectable which allows you to inject our own fields in the fragments.

fragment MyCustomFragment on ProductInterface
@inject(into: ["ProductListItem"]) {

This will add the field to the ProductListItem fragment. After codegen has been ran you will see that my_custom_attribute is also now present in ProductListItem.gql.ts and ProductList.gql.ts.