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This guide describes how to upgrade your GraphCommerce project files and its dependencies, while keeping your customizations.

After you've finished this upgrading guide, you'll have accomplished the following:

  • Created a changes.patch file and applied it to your project
  • Upgraded all dependencies to the latest version
  • Incorporated all the latest changes in your project, while keeping your customizations

Step 1: Creating and applying a patch file

  1. In package.json, find your version:

    // Example from package.json
      "dependencies": {
        "@graphcommerce/next-ui": "6.1.0"
  2. Download a fresh copy of the repository:

    git clone -b main https://github.com/graphcommerce-org/graphcommerce.git
  3. Navigate to the /upgrade directory you've just created. Run the following command, but replace OLD_VERSION with your version of @graphcommerce/next-ui:

    git diff -w --relative=examples/magento-graphcms "@graphcommerce/next-ui@OLD_VERSION" examples/magento-graphcms ':!examples/magento-graphcms/CHANGELOG.md' > changes.patch
  4. Move the changes.patch file from the /upgrade directory to the root of your project.

  5. Apply the patch to your project (It's recommended to apply changes on a new branch):

    git apply --reject --ignore-whitespace --exclude=README.md changes.patch

Step 2: Resolving issues

Resolving package.json issues

If running the upgrade steps results in a package.json.rej file and the diff is large, it can be easier to manually update the package.json file.

Compare your local /package.json with the example's /upgrade/examples/magento-graphcms/package.json you just downloaded and:

  1. Replace your local dependencies with the example's dependencies. Keep any additional installed local dependencies and remove PSP's your backend doesn't support.
  2. Replace your local devDependencies with the example's devDependencies
  3. Replace your local resolutions with the example's resolutions

After updating the package.json file, run the following to install the latest packages:

  • rm yarn.lock && yarn Remove lock and install the dependencies
  • yarn codegen Converts all .graphql files to typescript files
  • yarn dev Run the app

Resolving diff issues

When you run git apply ... (step 5), git will try and apply all the diffs from the patch file to your project files. When applying a diff fails, a reject ↗ .rej file will be created for each file that could not be upgraded.

It can very well be that some files can't be updated automatically, because of modifications you made. The CLI will show you the location of these files, as well as the number of hunks:

Applying patch pages/_app.tsx with 2 rejects...
Rejected hunk #1.
Rejected hunk #2.

The suggested changes have to be reviewed manually (a diff tool can provide insight, but won't be able to apply diffs). Manually apply the suggested changes you want. Discard the .rej files of the suggested changes you don't want. Before you commit, make sure to delete all the .rej files:

find . -type f -name '*.rej' -delete

After resolving the diff issues, manually process upgrade instructions:

Run and validate your local environment:

  • yarn codegen should run without errors
  • yarn tsc:lint should run without errors
  • yarn dev should run without errors

Next steps