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Hygraph Dynamic Rows

As you might have learned, Dynamic Rows enable the addition of rows across multiple pages through rule-based relationships, rather than manually adding a row to each page. These rules hinge on shared attributes among the pages, with a category being a typical example of such an attribute. To enable the Dynamic Row UI Extension, follow the installation instructions as below.

Installation: Click here to install the Dynamic Row UI Extension


Enabling the Application

Once you click the link and authorize the application, you'll be taken to the app's configuration page. On this page, you can switch the application on or off as needed.


Enabling the field

Now to enable the field, go to your Hygraph schema. Under components you should have a Text and Number component. Each of these have a field with api ID property. You will have to delete this field in both components. This will result in current field data being lost, so in case you are migrating to the extended UI, make sure to have a copy of those fields somewhere else.


Make sure you migrated your schema to Graphcommerce 7.0 with our Hygraph-CLI.

Replace the existing fields with the new Property picker field in the right sidebar (it should be under Slug and above Rich text). While adding the Property picker field make sure that you make it required.


Start building with your new Dynamic Rows UI!

If you have any questions about the feature, please reach out to us in our Slack channel.