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Hygraph migrate cli

It is possible to upgrade your Hygraph schema using the Graphcommerce Hygraph CLI: yarn graphcommerce hygraph-migrate

This is a tool that automatically modifies your Hygraph schema without having to add models, components field and enumerations manually.

Please note that:

  • All migrations are backwards compatible with previous versions of GraphCommerce. This means that after running a migration, older versions of GraphCommerce will still work (unless specified otherwise)

  • There is no rollback functionality in the Hygraph migrate cli. Please create a copy of the project to test te migration on first. Once you run a migration, you can't undo these schema changes with the CLI. You will be required rollback the from the UI yourself.


The following steps are needed to utilize this tool:

  1. Create a Hygraph migration token
    1. Open your Hygraph project. Go to: Project settings > Permanent auth tokens
    2. Click 'Add token' and give it a name, something like 'GraphCommerce Write Access Token' and keep stage on 'Published'.
    3. Under 'Management API', click 'Yes, Initialize defaults'
    4. Click 'Edit Permissions' and enable: 'Update' and 'Delete' permissions for 'models', 'enumerations', 'fields', 'components' and 'sources':
      • Update existing models
      • Delete existing models
      • Update existing fields
      • Delete existing fields
      • Update existing enumerations
      • Delete existing enumerations
      • Update existing components
      • Delete existing components
      • Update remote sources
      • Delete remote sources
      • Read existing environments
      • Read public content views
      • Create public content views
      • Update public content views
      • Delete public content views
      • Can see schema view
    5. Add this new token to your env file: GC_HYGRAPH_WRITE_ACCESS_TOKEN="{YOUR_WRITE_ACCESS_TOKEN}"
  2. Add the Content API key to your env file like this:
    1. Open your Hygraph project. Go to: Project settings -> API Access
    2. Copy the Content API URL and add to your env file: GC_HYGRAPH_WRITE_ACCESS_ENDPOINT="{YOUR_WRITE_ACCESS_ENDPOINT}"
  3. Add your hygraphProjectId to your env file like this:
    1. Copy the project ID from the URL when logged in https://app.hygraph.com/PROJECT_ID_IS_HERE/master
    2. Add the project ID to your env file: GC_HYGRAPH_PROJECT_ID="{YOUR_PROJECT_ID}"
  4. Add your hygraphManagementApi to your env file like this:
    1. Copy the Management API URL and add to your env file: GC_HYGRAPH_MANAGEMENT_API="{YOUR_MANAGEMENT_API}"
  5. Run yarn graphcommerce hygraph-migrate
  6. Select the migration you want to run and press enter.
  7. The migrations should now be applied, check your Hygraph Schema if changes are made.