To integrate with Magento, most of the functionality should work out-of-the box if Magento exposes a working GraphQL API.

Magento configuration

Configure the Base Link Url's to match your GraphCommerce frontend URL per storeview with the locale included. e.g. https://graphcommerce.vercel.app/nl/

Unsecure: Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Base URLs -> Base Link Url

Secure: Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Base URLs (secure) -> Base Link Url

If you are including the store code in the URL you can configure the above on the website scope without the locale added.

To properly redirect to the actual URL used in the fontend add redirects to next.config.js:

/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const config = {
  async redirects() {
    return [
      { source: '/b2b_nl/:path*', destination: '/nl/:path*', permanent: false },
      { source: '/b2b_en/:path*', destination: '/en/:path*', permanent: false },

Configure the address lines to fix the checkout

Set the number of address lines to 3. (default is 2)

For Magento Open Source: Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Name and address options

For Adobe Commerce: Stores -> Attributes -> Customer Address -> street -> Lines Count

Optional packages

Payment gateways

Next steps