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GraphCommerce: A Headless E-Commerce Framework for (Magento) Agencies

GraphCommerce: A Headless E-Commerce Framework for (Magento) Agencies

Paul Hachmang
Paul Hachmang
January 1
GraphCommerce React, Next.js Magento

We are thrilled to introduce GraphCommerce®, an innovative headless React + Next.js e-commerce storefront for Magento 2. Our objective is to create a frontend that appeals to developers and allows them to construct top-tier, high-performance online stores that meet clients’ expectations.

GraphCommerce is based on industry-standard, open-source technology and has been released as an open-source project.

GraphCommerce® was conceived from our own requirements as an e-commerce agency and addresses numerous challenges we believe agencies around the world can relate to:

Deliver a High-performance User Experience

Recent years have seen groundbreaking innovation in web development through modern JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks enable better user experiences and maintain an adaptable codebase, particularly for large-scale projects.

As Google sets high standards with increasingly stringent performance evaluations and the introduction of Core Web Vitals, it’s gently urging the web to adopt these modern technologies. Meeting these standards becomes more challenging with traditional technology.

GraphCommerce brings together industry-standard technologies and frameworks like React, Next.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Apollo, ensuring your performance metrics remain competitive for years to come.

GraphCommerce demo homepage featuring content from Magento and assorted HyGraph content components.

Increased Autonomy from Magento

Adobe Magento’s future vision is uncertain, and to a certain degree, e-commerce agencies will always depend on their chosen platform. GraphCommerce strives to minimize this dependency.

By directly retrieving data from various sources solely via APIs, GraphCommerce enables the selection of best-of-breed software, actualizing Composable Commerce. Implement the CMS, ERP, or PIM that satisfies your business needs rather than basing your decision on software compatibility.

If the need arises to select a different e-commerce solution, it can be accomplished without impacting the headless GraphCommerce frontend.

Rich Content Made Accessible

Traditionally, blending rich-content storytelling pages with e-commerce elements has been exclusive to high-end brands, as it typically necessitates costly custom implementation.

GraphCommerce allows for the composition of rich-content pages using a range of content components directly in HyGraph, an integrated headless CMS by default.

You can incorporate both e-commerce and content components in various formats and sequences on any page.

Constructing new components is simple to learn, thanks to Material UI’s extensive documentation and the wide array of available components.

The included Navigation component in GraphCommerce.

Streamlined Talent Training

Developers can learn React with ease due to the abundance of study materials available. Tools like TypeScript significantly reduce learning curves compared to proprietary, platform-specific frontend technologies.

Additionally, recent IT graduates likely already have some experience with modern JavaScript frameworks.

More Stable Backend

Long-term reliance on data synchronization across platforms can cause issues. GraphCommerce directly fetches data from sources, eliminating the need for slow, unstable backend imports and exports.

Simplified Magento Updates

Magento updates often include frontend-breaking changes. With the headless GraphCommerce frontend running on GraphQL API, it remains unaffected by these updates. Future problems will be limited to the backend.

Maximize Your Magento Investment

Uncertainty about Magento's future, its complexity, and performance issues may lead some to consider alternative e-commerce platforms, potentially losing returns on years of Magento investment. GraphCommerce helps you make the most of Magento for years to come.

No Vendor Lock-In

Our commitment to innovative and successful ideas has led us to open-source GraphCommerce to integrate your contributions and foster a community.

We will persist in enhancing GraphCommerce, focusing on performance, Magento integration, and the introduction of new features.

When adding a product to cart on mobile, the cross-sell overlay is displayed.

Magento Expertise Unnecessary

GraphCommerce is an ideal solution for creative agencies and design studios, as it facilitates the creation of high-end e-commerce stores without the need to employ Magento developers.

The headless frontend can be developed locally, while Magento operates in the cloud (hosted by a third party or Adobe Commerce Cloud).

Thus, if you prefer to construct your store in-house and outsource only Magento backend development, GraphCommerce enables you to do so.

The separation of frontend and backend makes GraphCommerce an excellent choice for creative agencies and design studios seeking to establish sophisticated webshops without prior Magento experience.

Adding a product to the shopping cart, navigating the checkout procedure, and finalizing a successful order within GraphCommerce.

Seamless Adoption with Current JavaScript Framework Experience

Design studios and creative agencies have long enjoyed creative freedom with modern JavaScript frameworks. GraphCommerce is easy to adopt for those familiar with React and offers numerous features for e-commerce projects, even those where e-commerce plays a smaller role.

GraphCommerce also simplifies the transition to React for agencies working with Vue, Angular, or other frontend frameworks.

Experience it for Yourself!

Explore GraphCommerce at, or learn more on our website:

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can find us in our public Slack community chat.

We are confident you will share our enthusiasm for GraphCommerce and look forward to seeing your creations!